NIPA Notes


1.         Revised NIPA Inter-Club Competition Rules and  Beginners’ Definition here


2.         The NIPA Inter-Club Competition rounds in 2009-10 will be:-


(1)       Open

(2)       Open

(3)       Subject = Portraiture

(4)       Theme = Macro

(5)       Open



3          The NIPA Council has adopted metric sizing from the 2009-10 season.


In all rounds of the competitions, a club may submit up to 4 prints or 4 projected digital images, any number of which may be by novices, but not more than 3 of which may be by advanced photographers.


In four of these rounds, prints should be on a mount of 30cm x 40cm, or smaller.


In one of the five rounds of the competitions (Round 2 in 2009-10), each club may enter prints of 50cm x 40cm or smaller.


The maximum mount size for the NIPA Exhibition will be 50 x 40 cms


These sizes are marginally smaller than the imperial equivalents 20” x 16” and 16” x 12”.



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